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Hearing Care

Hearing Tests and Hearing Care Swords, Malahide and North County Dublin

We provide hearing tests, ear wax removal and other hearing care services in North County Dublin


At Better Hearing, we know we can help you

For over three decades, we have served the North Dublin community by offering comprehensive independent hearing care. We specialize in the fitting and after-care of a wide range of modern hearing aids from the best hearing aid manufacturers. Widex, Unitron, Siemens and Starkey, are just some of the brand names we offer at the best value prices. As an Independent and family-owned business, we are committed to delivering the best solution to every Patient. Because we are Independent we are not obligated to a hidden agenda or under contract for a quota of certain hearing aids. Instead, decisions regarding your hearing healthcare are about you, and made in your best interest.

We have been recognised by Widex, an internationally recognised hearing aid manufacturer, for our commitment to offering high-quality hearing aids combined with lifetime aftercare. The Best Care For YOU We deliver free lifetime aftercare to our Patients. Buying a set of hearing aids is just the beginning, to get real benefits, consistent aftercare is important. Our aftercare service is designed to ensure that we see you regularly enough to deal with any issues, ensure you are receiving real benefit from your hearing aids and to keep them well maintained.

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Our Hearing Healthcare Services

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Ear Cleaning

Micro Suction Ear
Wax Removal

We undertake specialist ear care services and we offer easy and gentle earwax removal via microsuction & irrigation. Safe, comfortable and instant ear wax removal with purpose-built equipment

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Hearing Aids Repair

We offer a full repair service for all makes of hearing aids from all of the major manufacturers.

Simple repairs (wax filters, new receivers etc) and cleaning can be done on-site. More complex repairs will be sent back to the relevant manufacturer. It is best to book an appointment if a repair is needed on the spot. Or you can drop in your hearing aids for repair, and I'll call and let you know what needs to happen.

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Hearing Aid Repairs
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Hearing Aids From The Best Manufacturers

Only the most modern hearing aids from the leading manufacturers in the world. You can be sure that you are getting the latest and best possible solution for you and your needs. Combined with outstanding service. We guarantee it.

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Hearing Test

We undertake a comprehensive diagnostic hearing test and hearing aid evaluations ensuring that you can have complete confidence in your test results and the recommendations we make for you. This ensures that we deliver the solution you need.

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Professional Care

Outstanding Clinical Care in a Welcoming Environment

We have taken the greatest care to ensure we offer outstanding clinical level care using the very best equipment available. We have also ensured that we have taken the same level of care to ensure the Practice surroundings are pleasant, welcoming and comfortable. We have always felt that this is important, the level of clinical excellence speaks for itself, but we also know that to get the very best test results our Patients need to feel completely at ease.

This allows us to build a relationship with our customers, a relationship that allows us to meet their needs. Better hearing for you is based not just on your test results, it is also based on your lifestyle needs. We can only deliver that when you are comfortable enough with us to discuss them in detail.  

As an independent, family-run hearing healthcare practice, we are committed to providing the very best hearing aids combined with unrivalled aftercare to help you on your journey to better hearing. We have over 25-years experience providing custom solutions for people's hearing needs, we are confident that we can do so for you.

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