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Better Hearing

High-Quality Local Service

Family run hearing healthcare business, providing care in our community

Local Family Run Independent Hearing Care Business

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Better Hearing is a privately owned and operated Irish Business. We are an independent hearing healthcare practice owned and run by Emmanuel Kirby Dip. HAA FISHAA, who is the principal audiologist and his wife Karen who looks after operations and administration. Karen and Emmanuel are local to the area and have lived in Malahide for over 30 years. We are located in the Salus Medical Clinic, across from the Lord Mayor's pub in Swords.

Emmanuel is a fellow of the Irish Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists and holds a Diploma in Hearing Aid Audiology from University College Dublin. He also holds certifications is ear wax removal, both microsuction and irrigation. Karen is a Qualified Financial Adviser with 30 years experience in Management of financial services, customer service and operations.

We believe that hearing problems require understanding and sensitivity so that an affordable and suitable solution to your hearing loss can be found. As an independent Hearing Aid Clinic, we pride ourselves on our integrity in providing unbiased advice on products from the world’s leading manufacturers. As a local business we have always had a policy of supporting local suppliers and services whenever possible.

We understand that the road to ‘Better Hearing’ is a journey and the hearing aid is just part of that journey. Care, counselling and ongoing rehabilitation are imperative to improving your hearing. This is why we are committed to your aftercare.

Your Assurance

When you choose our Hearing Clinic for your hearing care you can rest assured you have found a partner to help you on your journey to better hearing

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We only ever offer main brand hearing aids, we never use so-called white label hearing aids

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Consistent Care From a Dedicated Hearing Care Professional

Discovering Your Needs

Much like a prescription for glasses, your hearing test results are crucial to making a diagnosis and treating any kind of hearing loss. That's why we offer a professional hearing test in a relaxed manner.

Understanding Your Needs

In order to deliver a custom solution that will meet all of your needs, we first must understand them. Getting to know you and your needs is an important part of the process.

Customising Your Solution

Your hearing aids will be customised to your hearing loss. We will ensure that they will deliver the help you need in the situations you need it.

Continuing Care & Support

Our promise is that you will receive the continuing time, care and attention, that you both need and deserve, to hear better. We believe that hearing better and reclaiming your joy in life is important. Our job is to help you achieve both of these things through dedicated care.

Start your journey to better hearing

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