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Why Buying White Label Hearing Aids Might Not Be A Good Idea


What's in a white-label?

White label, own-label or so-called yellow pack goods became famous in Ireland many years ago in the grocery trade. I think everyone of a certain age remembers the introduction of the yellow pack beans and peas. It was an idea that was used for both branding and commercial purposes by those businesses at the time. The idea caught on and has spread to many industries, with the hearing aid business being one of them.

Several hearing aid businesses across the world offer white-label or own-label goods including some in Ireland such as some of the multi-national businesses. The brand story is that these hearing aids are made by the mainstream hearing aid brands and they are every bit as good as the top of the range from those brands. The problem with that brand story is how can you check that? If you don't know exactly what the hearing aids are, how can you compare them to other hearing aids?

When you are making a medical purchase decision like buying hearing aids, those devices play a large part of that decision. Of course, there are other factors like the professional you are dealing with and the care they offer, but the devices and what they do is a large consideration. If you can't tell what those devices are, well then you can't research them. 

It's all very well and good that someone says they are comparative, but how can you verify that. How can you undertake your research to see what that comparison is? With Better Hearing Clinic, you will never need to worry about that.

We Only Provide Mainstream, Branded Hearing Aids


We only provide the latest hearing aids from the largest brand here at Better Hearing Clinic. We do so so that you are always aware of exactly what you are getting and you can easily undertake comparative research. 

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